Skill UP Step UP



Often broader team members that sit under the executive teams are overlooked when it comes to developing high performance capability and habits.  A high performing culture cannot happen if the tools, resources and development opportunities are kept a secret available only to those at the top.

Utilising the proven methodology from the intact High Performing Teams process, Skill Up Step Up supports team members to build high performance team habits and capabilities with the outcome of creating higher levels of  engagement and productivity.

Research shows that High performing, top teams, outperform average teams by 42%.  We support you to create: a sustainable high performing culture from within; lift engagement,  responsibility, accountability and self directed leadership resulting in:

  • Team members being more responsible and accountable for their performance and leadership

  • Higher levels of engagement and business outcomes

  • Freeing up Leaders to focus on what really matters

  • Build the pool of skilled team members who are equipped to take on higher challenges