Pollyanna Lenkic Interview - The Theatre Of You

The Theatre of U

Spotlight on Pollyanna Lenkic - How to BE a good leader? LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST HERE

Pollyanna Lenkic Interview - Build Live Gve Corporate Escapees

Build Live Give

How to Live a Life Full of Passion and Purpose with Pollyanna Lenkic. LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST HERE

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More Marketing Ideas

In this episode we chat with Pollyanna Lenkic about her businesses and in particular how she helps women overcome the common challenges in the workplace. LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST HERE



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Female Leader Interview with Pollyanna Lenkic at Femeconomy. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE



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This is Success with Pollyanna Lenkic eBook Feature. DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK HERE

Pollyanna Lenkic Interview - Femeconmy Founder Ebook


Pollyanna Lenkic: Female Leader Conversations Ebook. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE