Building Sustainable High Performing Teams - Intact Team Process


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How do you maintain consistent performance in a changing environment?  

How do you keep yourself and your team engaged and committed?

These are the consistent two questions that Leaders ask when discussing building sustainable HPTs,  the leadership Holy Grail.  Teams are the lifeblood of our organisations. From the dawn of time people have come together to achieve what they cannot alone. A team is a living breathing entity in its own right and the work needs to come from this systemic level. This the foundation of where our work together begins.

The HPT process is grounded in global research on what makes a team achieve and maintain high engagement and performance.  We measure the team across 14 Key Team Strengths that measures both Engagement (positivity) and output (productivity).

There is nowhere to hide in this process - team members are fully supported throughout the work we do together and held accountable for their progress and commitments.

The assessment is a team map to performance improvement, proven with hundreds of teams worldwide.

This process is only for the committed leader, one who invests the time required to do this work. This leader knows that 1 day interventions are a waste of time when it comes to building sustainable high performance.

Teams that Pollyanna works with who invest in the process have consistently achieved over 25% improvement in Engagement and Output.

What would 25% of sustainable performance improvement mean to your team and Client Organisation?

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