Promoting Women: Leadership Circle Group Coaching



The data is in and has been for decades. We know that gender balance improves performance of teams and an organisation’s bottom line.

We know that women are capable, qualified and able to rise to organisational and global leadership challenges. We know we need more women in senior roles and in the pipeline to advance into these roles.

The current focus on how we support this outcome is not working fast enough and derailing us from the real issues.

Women are still required to navigate challenges that men do not have to. This is where our works begins.

We need great male leaders to support this, fortunately there are many, we need more. We need targeted support in a psychologically safe environment to constructively work through the specific challenges women face.

Pollyanna is a passionate advocate of supporting organisations to achieve gender balance by supporting women, their leaders and systemic change. She is fierce about shifting the focus and narrative away from fixing women to supporting women and fixing the systems women operate in.

She helps to decode and untangle the unhelpful messages about who they should be to who they could be, bringing fresh insight around women and leadership to focus on what really matters.

By bringing women together in a safe space to discover and dive deep into their leadership journey and benefit from a supportive leadership community.

By providing practical tools and strategies to cut away the unhelpful beliefs and narratives, helping to reframe and refocus on what’s really important and will shift the dial.

By creating a deeper understanding of self, foundational for impactful leadership and success. Putting beliefs held under the microscope to understand what drives actions and results.